If you would like some fun photos to borrow please take some of these.

Carol & Shar duet


PLEASE credit the awesome photographers that took these pictures–and ME. Maybe even take the time to link their name to their site or work. http://www.phyllischristopher.com, and Sarah Deragon whose work is at

Shar Rednour recording The Femme’s Guide by Smeeta Mahanti

Shar recording at Fantasy Studios by Smeeta Mahanti

Shar Rednour with her wrench. By Phyllis Christopher

Jackie and Shar by Phyllis Christopher

Shar Rednour reading by Sarah Deragon

Shar & Tuffy on 4×4 by Mark Rednour

photo of shar by smeeta mahanti

Shar Rednour in country bath by Denise Macias

Shar & Mavis by Phyllis Christopher


Jackie and Shar 1993 by Phyllis Christopher

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