Femme’s Guide to the Universe

Femme's Guide book cover

My book The Femme’s Guide to the Universe has it’s own website with interesting things like break up songs, how to make gravy and recommended reading.

I am so happy to say that Audible.com invested in making this book available on AUDIO and they have moi reading it! (This is very rare for authors to get to read their own books instead of professionals.) You can listen to a FREE sample if you want.

It’s available on kindle–you do not need any special device to read it. Any average phone, pad or computer will do just fine. Here’s all you need. Matter of fact you can load it on several devices all included for one price. If you have a Nook, please look for my book in Barnes & Noble here. I am a Gold member on Audible which means I pay $14.99 a month for one credit (books often start at $25 +) plus lots of freebies. Consider that option instead of paying full price. Also you get one free download just to try audible and that could be my book, if you please.


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